FC Blacklabel has risen from the ashes of my former blog, The Rally Cap (so it's a bit like Aldershot Town or AFC Wimbledon).  The Rally Cap started with a little push from my wife.  She knew when she married me that I had a slightly unhealthy obsession with sports and that she may be subjected to periodic rants.  As my sports discussions grew, she thought it might be a good idea to start a blog where I could share my passion with others - The Rally Cap was born.

The beautiful game won my heart, somewhere between games in Boston and Rome. As I wrote, I found myself focusing more and more on soccer. Wanting to focus on soccer alone, a name change was necessary.  Our good friends over at Blacklabel Tennis suggested we re-form our partnership that started on The Rally Cap and create a sport network of sorts, hence FC Blacklabel.

Like V over at Blacklabel Tennis, I'm not a professional journalist, and I won't pretend to be purely objective.  I love the USMNT, Arsenal, Philadelphia Union and Reading FC.  I will admit a slight bias toward all four. That said, I will try to make this blog interesting and informative.  Soccer is a sport that vexes many Americans and I'd like to think that maybe my blog might help convert a few Yanks into fans of the beautiful game.

If you like what I write about, leave a comment.  If you don’t like what I write about, leave one too.